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"We are EXTREMELY happy with our site! Martin is a very creative and energetic guy, with a unique approach to website design and layout. He has great intuition and imagination, and we continue to count on his knowledge and expertise. We highly recommend him to folks looking for something beyond the ordinary..."

Larry Kaa
Kaa Construction, Inc.

"If it weren't for Martin Zapata I wouldn't have my highly successful web site, neither would I have any money left in my wallet. Martin seeks the most efficient and cost-effective methods for the optimum use of my website, saving me money every month. He listened carefully as I described the vision and explained the usage I had in mind for my web site and delivered the one I wanted - one that I could self manage without having to take a complete course in web design and management. Martin takes the complex and makes it simple for people like me whose first exposure to office equipment was a manual typewriter."

Pamela Christian
Pamela Christian Ministries