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About NeonZ Internet Development Services

NeonZ Internet Development Services, the online division of NeonZ Enterprizez, is a small collection of experienced internet developers in Orange and Los Angeles County area that truly enjoy the creation process of internet development. Though most of the basic functionality and design is handled by Martin Zapata, additional design and programming resources are available through numerous channels developed over time.

NeonZ Internet Development has been in the website development business since 1994 when third-party development software wasn't available to help develop sites. Custom coding in a text program was the only way to do it. So we learned and adapted as the marketplace grew and new features were developed to speed the delivery of web projects. A significant portion of our workload comes directly from referrals by current and past customers.

To accomodate the growing requests for development, NeonZ Enterprizez was formed in 2001. Of course, that was the start of the internet bubble bursting at that. Our primary focus is to serve small to medium size business that may not have an official IT department or the resources of a full-time web developer on staff.

Based in Yorba Linda, California, NeonZ Internet Development Services is able to provide technical recommendations and development services to anywhere in the United States.

"I truly enjoy the design process inherent to internet development. More than that, I find satisfaction in pleasing clients by taking their ideas and turning those ideas into something they can see and interact with. That is why I focus significant attention on my work and strive for craftsmanship. "

Martin Zapata
Owner, NeonZ Enterprizez

Mission Statement

NeonZ Internet Development Services provides quality website services at an affordable price that meet or exceed customer expectation. We will listen attentively and patiently to each client to develop an actionable plan for their site. We will translate internet terminology into common English to facilitate our clients' understanding and enable them to make better decisions with their buisness. All work is performed with pride and honesty.