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Internet Development Gallery
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Took the graphic design mockups from the creative director and cut them into functional web graphics, making sure all rollover graphics operated correctly. Included some javascripting and creation of templates for the MSQL programmer. I also adjusted the compression quality of the graphics to increase site performance.

We are no longer involved with the development of this site and its functionality has declined since then. Please view the images to see the design as it originally existed. The member section of the current website used to be protected.
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Took the graphic design mockups from the creative director and cut them into functional web graphics. Designed both a Flash and non-flash main page using dynamic graphics with Javascripting and Flash-loading objects.

2-19-2003: The website transitioned to a different design of which I played no part in helping with. The link here goes to the site as we designed it. Some features may not work correctly.

CLIENT: Joseph Apartments.Com
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Developed this site from the ground up. Includes database materials with Administrative Web access to modify the dynamic content of the site.

The Apartment Listings portion was developed by BirdView, host of Jim Joseph's MLS Apartment listings. The pictures here are referrences to the old site. The same functionality was wrapped around a new layout and the 2004 site implements additional features for members.

CLIENT: BreakAway Technologies
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Worked with System Administrator to create a dynamic website where customers can view and register for all currently offered classes. Involved heavy ASP coding and SQL database integration. Designed most of the current look.

Administrative tools were put into place so that the training coordinator could update all of the information on the site wihtout having our web programmers update the files manually. At this time I am not involved with the training part and am not responsible for class data.

CLIENT: Freeman Kaa, Inc
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Designed their current version to replace an older version. Developed various design concepts and client chose this look. Incorporated actual blueprint plans into the design. Also incorporated their photo "before-and-after" simulations using Flash.

This design mimics much of what they had in mind for their CD Card. In fact, the same Flash file used to create the CD Card was modified for use as the website. This is part of their process of integrating their marketing materials into a consistent presentation.


Recent Projects:
Casco Coast 2 Coast Construction, Inc. - Santa Fe Springs, CA
Pamela Christian Ministries - Yorba Linda, CA
Econolite Control Products, Inc. - Anaheim, CA (current Web Manager)
California Chassis, Inc. - Anaheim, CA (current Web Manager)
Sorrells Landscape- Yorba Linda, CA)
Bless Your Heart Campaign - Yorba Linda, CA

Past Projects:

Deborah D. Delbridge Speaker Site - Irvine, CA
Carmody-McKnight Estate Wines - Paso Robles, CA
BodyPro! Wellness Center - Irvine, CA
Steve Hiatt Termite and Pest Control - Whittier, CA
SignalWest, Inc- Nipomo, CA
Journey's Project- Brea, CA
The Rock Community Church - Yorba Linda, CA (Teamed with other ministry leaders)
Wiebe Productions- Salt Lake City, UT
Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength Fitness - Anaheim, CA
Yorba Linda Friends Church - Yorba Linda, CA
Regency Air, LLC.- Santa Ana, CA
Schonwit Insurance Agency - Tustin, CA

updated 6.21.2010