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NeonZ Animation and Effects, the rendered division of NeonZ Enterprizez, has been around in some form or another since 1990. My first venture into animation began when I purchased a Commodore Amiga 1000 with DeluxePaint and DeluxeVideo. If you remember that far back, the Amiga 1000 had a built-in composite-out video connection and a raging 2.5MB of RAM. I began to create graphics and moving animation that I could incorporate into video projects. Most of the animation's would go into home video productions with my cousin, who was also interested in film. Next in line was an Amiga 3000 40Mhz with Lightwave 3D v3.1 and a Personal Animation Recorder. With a way to output NTSC formatted video I began to create bigger and better animations that I could include in student projects.

I attended film school to learn the techniques that go into filmmaking because I knew most of that knowledge would relate directly to the process of developing an animated short and, ultimately, feature length animation or visual effect projects.

Since college I've worked on many small productions providing various types of motion graphics and compositing services. Some projects required "environmental" design for video game atmosphere. Other projects allowed me to design and animate game characters. And a handful of projects allowed me to create visual effects and animation for both feature length films and commercial video products. Each new project brings its own set of challenges and creative hurdles that truly invigorate me. I love providing solutions to ideas and creating something from nothing!

Martin Zapata
Owner, NeonZ Enterprizez


THINERGETICS Weightloss Infomercial [Sample video]
Services Rendered: Motion graphics and bluescreen compositing
Services Rendered By: Martin Zapata
Production Company: Studio C Productions, Anaheim Hills, CA

ARAMARK Corporation National Benefits Orientation
Services Rendered:
Motion graphics sync'd with dialogue
Services Rendered By: Martin Zapata
Production Company: David Productions, Brea, CA

THE ROCK Televised Commercial
Services Rendered: Created logo animation and exploding effects.
Services Rendered By: NeonZ Enterprizez
Productions Company: Wiebe Productions, Salt Lake City, UT

UCLA National Commercial Campaign - "Real Dreams"
Services Rendered: Animated UCLA logo and composited over school footage.
Services Rendered By: Martin Zapata
Production Company: David Productions, Riverside, CA

Services Rendered: Provide additional modeling and scene setup to meet production schedule timeline.
Services Rendered By: Martin Zapata
Production Company: O Entertainment, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Services Rendered: Provide AE compositing of bluescreen and animation elements. Provided AE motion graphics for special visual effects. Provided Lightwave animation services for end-of-movie effects.
Services Rendered By: Martin Zapata
Production Company: 20th Century Fox Studios, CA