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About Neonz Training Services

NeonZ Training Services, the instructional division of NeonZ Enterprizez, is available to help provide instructional services for individuals, businesses, and academic institutions. Training is provided by Martin Zapata, Owner of NeonZ Enterprizez. He is contantly learning new technologies and new software packages. As a result of being consistently asked to provide technical support and software help, he has learned how to help others understand how their computers work or how to use different software features to make their jobs easier.

Mr. Zapata has experience in the following teaching arenas:

  • Has taught the computer animation portion of an animation course for a local private university.
  • Helped develop and teach the "Webmasters In Training" Program for Breakaway Technologies focused on providing web instruction to Jr. High and High School students.
  • Has provided classroom technical instruction and teaching materials for art instructors of the "Electronic Arts Academy of Los Angeles" from 1998-2001.
  • Has provided individual instruction for Administrators and Admin Assistants in general office environments.
  • Has created documentation and training videos for corporate software programs implemented internally and delivered to a user base of over 400 people. These materials were project-specific and customized for the software specified.
  • Continues to develop presentations and instructional videos on the latest Microsoft collaboration technology for local organizations.

Martin Zapata, Owner of NeonZ Training Services, a division of NeonZ Enterprizez
Martin Zapata
Owner, NeonZ Enterprizez

Mission Statement

To provide quality training services that empower individuals to enhance their abilities and skills in order to make a difference in their peer groups. To create a mutually beneficial relationship with business and community organizations that improve the academic and moral qualities of all involved so that we can make our world a better place to live.