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About NeonZ IT Services

NeonZ Information Technology Services, the technology solution division of NeonZ Enterprizez, was introduced in 1998 when Martin Zapata began administering Windows NT networks with both Workstations and Servers. He worked for BreakAway Technologies in Los Angeles as the Systems Integrator for the Electronic Arts Academy, a digital arts program created by the City of Los Angeles by then-mayor Richard Riorden. At that time Mr. Zapata provided Windows NT and Windows 98 support, along with training and educational services for program instructors.

As a Microsoft community Partner, BreakAway received significant support from Microsoft to help support inner-city neighborhoods with access to technology. In an effort to increase the value of the technology group, the BreakAway IT staff began Microsoft certifications with a Certified MCSE instructor where Mr. Zapata successfully earned his Microsoft Certified Professional certificate.

Mr. Zapata is currently a Microsoft Certified Professional studying for SharePoint Certification with real-world exprience. He invents significant amount of time to learn, implement, and administer SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, Online with primary efforts nowadays focused on SharePoint 2016/2019 and SharePoint Online. For specialized training in this field, he has been able to attend training seminars with New Horizons and Mindsharp.

Mr. Zapata graduated from Mihaylo School of Business and Economics in 2015 (at Cal State Fullerton) with a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Information Systems. This level of education has helped prepare him to guide businesses in taking the next steps into information management and business intelligence. He is comfortable speaking with both business and technical parties alike, often translating business requirements into technical requirements and vice-versa.

As he builds relationships with other clients and organizations, Mr. Zapata keeps his eyes open for other technology individuals who understand the technology and have the same enthusiasm and work ethic that he does. Creating a coherent group of technology specialists takes time and attention. NeonZ Information Technology Services is dedicated to providing strong technology solutions with a personal touch. We will always be that way.

Martin Zapata
Owner, NeonZ Enterprizez

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality services that empower local businesses and community organizations to make a positive impact in their communities and with their employees by integrating technology that is mutually beneficial to all who use it. Together we can make this world a better place to live.